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Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge The Real Estate Book

This book is a great instructionguide for anyone who would wantto become a real estate agent.Spanning the topics of what ittakes to become a real estateagent to the laws that surround theprofession, this book covers avariety of topics. The book focuseson the laws and regulations ofbecoming a real estate agent inthe United States of America,however, the information can stillbe useful for those people who liveoutside of the U.S.A.

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Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge Afro Forever

TransformationIn Loree?s Beauty Shophot combs sizzled againstwet oily scalpsbrandinggrown woman fantasiesinto tender youngheads.Thick busy afrosbecamelong glossy black curlstransformingnatural Black queensintocommercial mahogany princesses (Boyd, 14).This poem by Julia Boyd from In the Company of My Sisters is tragic, but it happens all the time. Afros and natural hair is transformed into something artificial, ?fake boobs, fake hair, men don?t seem to care whether a woman is real or false.? The hair salon is the main site where the transformation happens. This paper accompanies the web-based project Salon Utopia (now defunct) that aimed to transform its clients in a natural way. In the virtual realm, it is not yet possible to do any hairstyles to transform anyone, but the site did aid in transforming the source of where hair comes from, the mind.

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Steve Bergsman Maverick Real Estate Financing. The Art of Raising Capital and Owning Properties Like Ross, Sanders Carey

Praise for MAVERICK REAL ESTATE FINANCING «Once you start reading, you wont be able to put the book down. You will feel you are part of the deals that industry leaders have put together. This is a real book about real people and how they address risk and reward.» –Bruce S. Schonbraun, Managing Partner The Schonbraun McCann Group LLP «Bergsman applies a journalists logic to the complex world of commercial real estate, making it easier for outsiders to understand. He writes with the authority of a true insider.» –Brannon Boswell, Managing Editor Shopping Centers Today «Congratulations. Finally, someone has written a book that reflects real estate finance in the twenty-first century. With the growing proliferation of real estate education in university business schools today, this book should be required reading!» –James D. Kuhn, President Newmark Knight Frank In Maverick Real Estate Financing, Steve Bergsman–author of the widely acclaimed Maverick Real Estate Investing–describes the various financing methods you can use to achieve real estate investment success. Maverick Real Estate Financing also introduces you to an innovative group of real estate professionals who have used these methods to build substantial fortunes. By listening to some of the worlds most successful real estate Mavericks–includingWilliam Sanders, W. P. Carey, and Stephen Ross–youll discover what sets them apart from the rest of the pack and learn how to apply their proven principles to your own real estate deals. Each chapter examines a different real estate financing technique and the Maverick who best exemplifies it. Some of the strategies and products discussed include: * Equity financing * Public and private REITs * Agency loans * UPREITs * Commingled capital * Retail site arbitrage * Conduit loans * Sale-leasebacks * Distressed mortgages * Low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs)

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David Lindahl Emerging Real Estate Markets. How to Find and Profit from Up-and-Coming Areas

Praise for Emerging Real Estate Markets «In this book, youll discover how to snatch real estate opportunities at low prices, before their value becomes common knowledge. Buy all the copies on the bookshelf before your competitor does!» –Frank McKinney, «The Maverick Daredevil Real Estate Entrepreneur» and author of Frank McKinneys Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success «Ive never seen another real estate book even come close to laying out a profit road map the way this one does. If your local economy is too hot or too cold, Lindahls guide will show you how to invest in the up-and-coming markets with the greatest profit potential.» –Stacy Kellams, President, www.RealEstateCourseReviews.com «Lindahl shows you how to look into the future and see where the next hot real estate markets will be. Its the closest thing Ive found to a real estate crystal ball.» –Jeff Adams, President, www.FreeRealEstateMentoring.com «The brilliant thing about this book is Lindahls approach to investing by remote control. He has a real-world system for living in one place and making money from investments in another.» –William Bronchick, attorney and coauthor of Flipping Properties «In the crowded field of real estate gurus, Lindahl stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. This book is must reading for any serious investor–beginner or veteran.» –Justin Ford, author of Seeds of Wealth and Main Street Millionaire

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Donna Kakonge Old Romance

This is a book of short stories about old romances written in a creative nonfiction format.

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Matthias Fiedler The Concept of Innovative Real Estate Matching. Brokerage Made Easy: Matching: Efficient, easy and professional real estate brokerage with an innovative matching portal

This book explains a revolutionary concept for a worldwide real estate matching portal (app) with a calculation of the considerable sales potential (Billion Dollar), which is integrated into a real estate agency software including real estate assessment (Trillion Dollar sales potential).This means that residential and commercial real estate, whether owner-occupied or rented, can be brokered efficiently and in a time-saving manner. It is the future of the innovative and professional real estate brokerage for all real estate agents and property owners. Real estate matching works in almost all countries and even across countries.Instead of “bringing” properties to the buyer or renter, with a real estate matching portal, potential buyers or renters can be qualified (search profile) and then matched and linked to the properties offered by the real estate agents.

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Don Campbell R. The Little Book of Real Estate Investing in Canada

Canadas bestselling author on real estate draws back the curtain on real estate investing Investing in real estate has often been viewed as the poor second cousin to the stock and bond markets. The misperception that investing in real estate is somehow difficult has cost Canadians the opportunity to increase both the quality of and income from their investment portfolio. To help provide a new perspective to Canadian investors, Canadas bestselling real estate author speaks about his relationship with real estate as the asset that has consistently delivered value for himself and the Real Estate Investment Network community across the country. Author Don R. Campbell is Canadas most recognizable face in media on matters to do with real estate Offers readers a unique glimpse into Don R. Campbells views on real estate as an asset class, the opportunities and challenges, and the essential characteristics of a successful real estate investor People want to learn from the best. Investors have no better role model than Don R. Campbell—either to be introduced to the world of real estate or to take away lessons that will embolden success.

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Obioma Ebisike A. Real Estate Accounting Made Easy

All the fundamentals of accounting and finance of the real estate industry-made easy Providing both the theories and practices of real estate from an accounting and financial perspective, Real Estate Accounting Made Easy is a must-read for anyone who needs a thorough and easier understanding of the real estate industry. Walks you through the audit processes, including how to prepare the audit and the different kinds of audits Helps new auditors, the company being audited, and users of audit reports understand the fundamentals of the financial aspect of the real estate business Includes forms of real estate ownership, sole ownership, partnerships, joint ventures and real estate investment trusts (REITs), including the advantages and disadvantages of these entities covered in detail A practical guide to the field of real estate accounting and finance, this easy-to-understand introductory and intermediary book on the field of real estate begins with the elementary and basic aspects of real estate to ensure that those that are new to the field are comfortable with this often-complicated subject matter.

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Diane Kennedy The Insiders Guide to Tax-Free Real Estate Investments. Retire Rich Using Your IRA

This guide from bestselling real estate authors de Roos and Kennedy shows you how to use tax-free retirement funds to invest in real estate. Using real estate IRAs, you can combine the tax benefits of retirement funds with the high rates of appreciation in the real estate market, growing your retirement investments by leaps and bounds. This handy book shows you how.

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David Finkel Buying Real Estate Without Cash or Credit

FREE $1,595 Quick-Start Real Estate Success Program! See page 217 for details. Buy Real Estate Without Cash or Credit! Imagine having two multi-millionaires take you by the hand and personally mentor you to get started making big money investing in real estate. Thats exactly the step-by-step coaching youll get in Buying Real Estate Without Cash or Credit, as Peter Conti and David Finkel, two of the nations leading real estate experts, walk you through the fastest and easiest ways for you to launch your investing business. Youll learn the same secrets, strategies, and organized action plans that their past mentorship students have used over the last decade to make millions. Best of all, youll learn exactly how to do it without cash or credit! This book will show you the fastest way to succeed investing in real estate–step-by-step, action-by-action, strategy-by-strategy. Youll learn: * The 5 fastest ways to close your first deal in 30 days or less! * 21 scripts to negotiate profitable win-win deals * The 6 best sources to fund your «nothing down» deals * 7 ways to maximize your cash when investing «This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to live the American dream but thinks they cant invest in real estate for lack of cash or credit. Conti and Finkel make it simple to understand and easy to achieve.» –Attorney William Bronchick, coauthor of the bestselling book Flipping Properties «David and Peter have done it again! Theyve taken their proven millionaire-making real estate program and broken it down into easy-to-use steps that anyone can use. This book will tell you how you dont need cash or credit to succeed in real estate investing.» –Diane Kennedy, CPA/Tax Strategist, coauthor of The Insiders Guide to Real Estate Investing Loopholes

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David Kline Lovett The Right Real Estate Agent Can Make You Rich

The book goes into detail regarding why an investor needs to have a real estate agent. It details the advantages of having an agent. It describes the many tasks, jobs, and services a real estate agent provides for their clients. A real estate agent is much more than just an agent, they wear many hats and provide a plethora of services that are not apparent. An agent acts as a friend, partner, legal guide, information center, financial consultant, counselor , negotiator, liability advisor, and much more. The reader will learn just how valuable a real estate agent is for them, they will learn how to locate the best real estate agent specifically for them. The reader will be informed on how to utilize a real estate agent not only to make their life easier, but for them to become wealthy.

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Craig Haskell The Inside Game to Real Estate Value Investing

This book will help you learn new ideas to take advantage of today's value real estate investing opportunities so that you can achieve financial independence. Whether you are a new or experienced investor, this book uncovers the inside game of value real estate investing and the strategies you can use to create value and make more money with your real estate investments.

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Charles Nsibande Smart ways of making money in Real Estate

This book is the simplest guide to a 100% guaranteed plan of making money in real estate. It applies economic and financial theories to guide an investor through a logical and simple process of making millions of dollars in the real estate business. It explains why for many generations people have made a fortune in real estate, a sound investment security, without breaking investment principles. The book also aligns theory to practical application.

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Daniel Singer D. The Real Estate Investment Handbook

Investing in commercial real estate can provide excellent risk-return opportunities for both the large and small investor. Unlike equity securities, commercial real estate often generates a substantial and predictable cash flow over time–and the compounding effect of this cash flow can significantly enhance the performance of most investment portfolios. Filled with in-depth insight and practical advice, The Real Estate Investment Handbook is an essential tool for current and aspiring commercial real estate investors looking to develop and evaluate commercial real estate properties. Throughout the book, experts G. Timothy Haight and Daniel D. Singer offer careful examinations of the various types of commercial real estate available, the measures within the markets used to evaluate their performance, and the intricacies of the markets in which they are traded. The discussions of breakeven analysis, present value, financial leverage, loan packaging, and practical real-life situations found in The Real Estate Investment Handbook will help you make better-informed decisions when investing in properties such as: * Apartments, condominiums, and time-shares * Single-family homes * Self-storage facilities * Office buildings * Industrial properties * Parking lots * Shopping centers * Hotels and motels Successful real estate investing is not just about net income or cash flow; its about the fit between an investor and an investment. With The Real Estate Investment Handbook as your guide, youll learn how to choose properties that make sense–and money–for you.

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Tony Wood The Commercial Real Estate Tsunami. A Survival Guide for Lenders, Owners, Buyers, and Brokers

An in-depth look at why a commercial real estate collapse is inevitable, and how to survive it The Commercial Real Estate Tsunami is the first book to address the phenomenon of the pending wave of commercial debt maturities coming due in the next five years, and the impact those maturities will have on the commercial real estate markets when combined with the historic economic crisis the world is experiencing at this time. Drawing on the knowledge of recognized experts in the commercial real estate industry and financial markets, as well as lessons learned from the commercial real estate downturns of the 1980s and 1990s, author Tony Wood fills a void in our understanding of the causes of the crisis and what to expect in the future. Sends a warning to the commercial real estate industry, and offers concrete solutions to mitigate the risks and hazards that lie ahead Contains the insights of a group of experts from various sectors of the commercial real estate industry Helps market participants, including investors, developers, lenders, and brokers, gain a vitally needed perspective on where we might be going next and how we will get there Heeding the advice and guidance of the contributors in this book will benefit anyone navigating these turbulent waters and help lead them to higher ground.

3309.84 РУБ



Kieran Trass Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle. An Investors Guide

Canadian real estate investors often hear about real estate cycles, yet very few people can describe what they are and how to actually use them to ones advantage. The Canadian Investors Guide to Secrets of the Real Estate Cycle will show Canadian investors the ins and outs of the various phases of the real estate cycle, such as boom, slump and recovery, in order to equip them with the knowledge to make practical and informed decisions about their portfolios. Written by Canadas top-selling real estate investor and author Don Campbell and Kieran Trass, a leading expert on real estate cycles, the book will drill down into the various causes that affect real estate trends, such as local and global economics, population migration, employment levels, affordability of rental housing, real estate listings and other factors, to provide a scientific basis for assessing current trends and where those trends are heading. Complete with charts, checklists, and real-life stories, The Canadian Investors Guide to Secrets of the Real Estate Cycle will be an indispensable guide for all investors.

2981.84 РУБ



Steve Bergsman Maverick Real Estate Investing. The Art of Buying and Selling Properties Like Trump, Zell, Simon, the Worlds Greatest Land Owners

The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Property Like the Experts How do the worlds most successful developers–from Donald Trump to Sam Zell–make the most of every real estate transaction? The answers are found throughout Maverick Real Estate Investing. In this one-of-a-kind book, youll learn the secrets to making a good deal, using other peoples money, establishing cash flow targets, finding the best locations, getting top legal and tax counsel, overcoming negative responses, selling at the right time, and much more. Its must reading for every aspiring real estate titan, and will give you the tools necessary to make every deal a profitable one. «Steve Bergsmans profiles of some of the most successful investors of our time give an illustrative and illuminating insight into how the best in the business have consistently managed their risk . . . and raised their returns. If you want to make it in the competitive world of real estate investing, read this book!» –Dale Anne Reiss, Global and Americas Director of Real Estate, Hospitality, and Construction Services, Ernst & Young «For the novice–and even the experienced–investor in real estate, Steve Bergsmans book contains lots of worthwhile ideas. Better still, it clearly explains how to implement them. Easy to read and insightful, its one of the better how-to investment guides around.» –Richard Rescigno, Managing Editor, Barrons «I have been reading Steve Bergsmans insightful real estate reporting and commentary for over a decade. He is one of the best real estate writers in America, as evidenced by his captivating analysis in Maverick Real Estate Investing, where he melds personalities and investing principles into a very good read.» –Jonathan L. Kempner, President and Chief Executive Officer Mortgage Bankers Association

2063.43 РУБ



Don Campbell R. 51 Success Stories from Canadian Real Estate Investors

51 Success Stories from Canadian Real Estate Investors chronicles the incredible successes – and near-misses – of Canadian investors who employ strategies designed by Canadas best-selling real estate author, Don R. Campbell. In his first two best-sellers, Real Estate Investing in Canada and 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors, Campbell shows what it takes to succeed in real estate investing. In his third book, Campbell casts a spotlight on the success stories of investors as well as exploring examples of occasions when investing initiatives do not go so well. In his assessments, Campbell illustrates how to avoid these circumstances and what to learn from them. The end result is further proof that Campbells time-proven techniques and in-depth knowledge are essential reading for every real estate investor in Canada.

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Viega - страница 2 - ВиваВанна

Товар добавлен в корзину · Viega Eco Plus модуль для писсуара, высота 1130 мм, модель 8164.5 461843. Производитель: Viega. Сравнить. 19 802 р.

Характеристики модели Сотейник GiPFEL DONNA 1647 22 см на ...

13 дек. 2018 г. - Подробные характеристики модели Сотейник GiPFEL DONNA 1647 22 см — с описанием всех особенностей. А также цены, рейтинг ...

Менины — Википедия

«Мени́ны» (исп. Las Meninas — «фрейлины»), или «Семья Филиппа IV» — картина Диего .... С позой художника перекликается поза дона Хосе на лестнице, облик которого остаётся ясно различимым ... 1647—1651) — его единственной сохранившейся работой в жанре ню — отражённое лицо модели ...

Искусство Испании. Лондонская Национальная галерея

В 1647 он получил заказ на 24 такие картины для монастыря в Лиме, еще через ... Франсиско де Гойя (1746–1828) Портрет донны Исабель де Порсель До 1805. ... Такое платье оправдывает позу модели, которая характерна для ...

Книга Портрет в мировой живописи - Белый Город

Книга Живопись скульптура Портрет в мировой живописи купить с доставкой.

Сковорода без крышки Gipfel 1647 DONNA из нержавеющей стали ...

Сковорода без крышки Gipfel 1647 DONNA из нержавеющей стали 22 см. ... В ассортименте есть и широкий выбор моделей кухонной посуды из чугуна ...

Профессор О. М. Ковалевский: «Желая, по силам и возможности ...

... занимающего все пространство с запада от Дона до Алгура, а с севера от .... 1647, об отправлении комнатного надзирателя 1-ой Казанской гимназии ... заказать для университета модели разных орудий земледельческих и ...

Испанский художник Эстебан Мурильо: картины, биография

5 дек. 2012 г. - ... что и художник, так как одна и та же модель встречается в разных его картинах. ... Святой Франциск Ассизский в молитве, ок.1647 ... Портрет Дона Антонио Хуртадо де Сальседо, маркиза Легарда, около 1660.

Водолазка Для Женщин от Effetto Donna - YOOX Россия

Смотреть Водолазка от Effetto Donna Для Женщин на Yoox. Покупка онлайн с доставкой по всей России.

MAJESTIC FILATURES Водолазки Женщинам CL000020992265 ...

Купить MAJESTIC FILATURES Водолазки Женщинам CL000020992265 за 18500р в интернет магазине c ... EFFETTO DONNA Водолазки Женщинам.

Обзоры модели Сотейник GiPFEL DONNA 1647 22 см на Яндекс ...

1 нояб. 2018 г. - Статьи и видеообзоры, посвящённые модели Сотейник GiPFEL DONNA 1647 22 см, с описанием функций, особенностей, плюсов и ...

Магазин солнцезащитных очков в Краснодаре с бесплатной ...

Магазин солнцезащитных очков в Краснодаре. Очки можно померить. В магазине всегда более 1000 моделей. Закрыть; Преимущества; Выбрать очки ...

Ольга Смирнова, Энциклопедия по святым местам центра России ...

В 1637–1647 гг. ... земли по левому берегу Дона отошли в ведение Рязанского владыки, а земли по правому берегу – Крутицкому (Сарскому и Подонскому). .... В дворце погибла модель корабля, сделанная руками Петра I. В 1794 г.

Rao 1647 - momline.ru

Автомобильный органайзер Органайзер Ritmix RAO-1647 ... Модель вертолета Siku модель (1-87) 1647 ... Сковорода d 22 см Gipfel Donna (1647).

Люстра Jacco Maris Ode 1647 Ceiling - купить с доставкой по всей ...

Люстра Jacco Maris Ode 1647 Ceiling в интернет-магазине LED7 - низкие ... Реплика знаменитой модели ODE 1647 CEILING способна превратить в ...

Untitled - ЮНЦ РАН

ра, Дона, Кубани, так и непосредственно на самом морском побережье. Роль течений .... ГПетрушино — 0,1647 г, в акватории находящейся в не- ..... баты и глубины; грид-модель рельефа дна; средняя биомасса водной расти-.

Бесценное за фунты – Фото – Журнал "Коммерсантъ Weekend"

Якоб ван Рейсдал. "Пейзаж с дюнами, фермой у песчаной дороги и видом Харлема вдали", 1647 год. Sotheby's, эстимейт £1,2-1,6 млн. Фото: Sotheby's.

Картинки: аэропорт девушка. Девушка в аэропорту, глядя на океан ...

2500 × 1647. 8.33" × 5.49" ... 2500 × 1647 ... Та же модель: ... Изображение доступно для скачивания в высоком качестве с разрешением до 2500x1647.

Сковорода Donna, 22 х 7 см Gipfel 1647|фото, характеристики

Сковорода Gipfel 1647 Donna изготовлена из нержавеющей стали предназначена для жарки и тушения пищи. Благодаря наличию индукционного дна у ...

Gipfel Vista (1655) - цены в Харькове. Купить в магазинах города

... грнв 3 магазинах · Gipfel Caleffi (0711)1 312 ... 1 631 грнв 3 магазинах · Gipfel Maintz (0607)537 ... 729 грнв 3 магазинах. Модели других производителей.

Портрет детей Кристиана Альберта Дона-Вианенского в 1651 ...

11 сент. 2017 г. - Вольфхард Дона-Вианенский (1647-1667) (поддерживает герб с левой стороны) 4. Вильгельм ... Как художник "переодел" модель.

Effetto Donna - Home | Facebook

Rating: 5 - 27 votes<br />Effetto Donna - Via Santo Stefano da Nicea, 18, 89127 Reggio di Calabria - Rated 5 based on 27 Reviews "Qui si cura in maniera eccellente, non solo...

Поиск по проектам и заявкам - Конкурсы - Портал РФФИ

... социально-экономическая динамика, повседневно-бытовые модели населения, ... 1647, +Ислам и мусульмане в восприятии российский политической и ... неолитических культур степной, лесостепной и лесной зон от Дона до ...

Купить Ванны в Барнауле. Цена 4965 рублей. - Формула М2

Ванна стальная (ВИЗ) 1,2*0,7 м Donna Vanna с антибак.покр. ... Ванна Donna Vanna Белая орхидея стальная 150*70, цвет белый .... Экономия 1647 р.

Donna kay cindy kakonge the real estate book. Водолазки gotha gotha, возраст: взрослый, пол: женский, в yoox ...

Большой каталог товаров: Водолазки gotha gotha, возраст: взрослый, пол: ... Товары из категории водолазки gotha ..... EFFETTO DONNA Водолазки.

Катера Дона - Алюминиевые и стальные винты Honda 75-130 л.с.

Катера Дона - Алюминиевые и стальные винты Honda 75-130 л.с. ... х шаг 11), предназначенные для установки на втулку модели 11500700 / #507. ... 1647. Нет в наличии. Лопасти гребного винта Hustler (диаметр 13 1/4 х шаг 23), ...

Лучших изображений доски «Аbroad»: 1647 | Draw, Drawing ...

Просмотрите доску «Аbroad» пользователя Alisa Semenec в Pinterest. | Посмотрите больше идей на темы Draw, Drawing tutorials и Art lessons.

Ответы@Mail.Ru: Кто позировал художнику? Расскажите, пожалуйста ...

26 мар. 2011 г. - ... дочери, Марии-Розы, постепенно начинал использовать ее в качестве модели. ... Портрет Дона Хуана Хосе Австрийского. 1647.

1647 - Intermoda.Ru

2 июл. 2018 г. - Участницы третьего сезона шоу "Топ-модель по-русски" на телеканале ... круизной коллекции американского дизайнера Донны Каран ...

Антигосударственные выступления - Студопедия

3 янв. 2014 г. - Критерии оценки публичного выступления · Модель текста выступления ... В конце 1647 г. соляной налог отменили, но было уже поздно… ... Крестьянская война охватила обширные районы Дона, Поволжья, ...

377895573-1 - Стр 5 - StudFiles

2 апр. 2015 г. - В 1647 г., для того чтобы улучшить финансовое положение страны, .... Было решено овладеть турецкой крепостью Азов в устье Дона. .... 02.04.2015567.08 Кб424 МОДЕЛЬ МНОЖЕСТВЕННОЙ РЕГРЕССИИ.pdf.

Тайны Аксайских лабиринтов — Альтернативный взгляд Salik.biz

5 мар. 2015 г. - Под руслом Дона, на берегу которого расположился городок, также течет еще одна река. Не случайно машины и прицепы, падавшие ...

Кастрюля Gipfel Donna 2.7L 1644 — iSelect club

Модель, Цена. Кастрюля ... Кастрюля 2.7л Gipfel Donna (1644), 3194.5 руб.ПЕРЕЙТИ К ... Сковорода d 22 см Gipfel Donna (1647), 2927.5 руб.ПЕРЕЙТИ К ...

Rao 1647 osushop.ru

Автомобильный органайзер Органайзер Ritmix RAO-1647 ... Модель вертолета Siku модель (1-87) 1647 .... Сковорода d 22 см Gipfel Donna (1647).

1. Перечень заявок претендентов на соискание грантов по ...

18, 1, МК-4817.2007.1, Васильев Алексей Юрьевич, Разработка моделей ...... 647, 4, МК-3122.2007.4, Автономова Анастасия Витальевна, Создание ...... Изучение перехода населения Среднего Дона от неолита к энеолиту (IV-III ...

File:Kiev Brotherhood Teaching Monastery- A Historical Essay ...

30 янв. 2017 г. - Lorsque le métropolite de Kiev Pierre Mohyla (1597–1647 env.) arriva à ... L'Académie Mohyla de Kiev se donna pour mission de maîtriser les ...

Трусики Sielei 1647 Natural - Интернет-магазин BelleYou

Трусики Sielei 1647 Natural. 489 Р ... Артикул: 1647. Модель трусов: бразилиана. Материал: модал ... Трусики-бразилиана Сиелей 1647. Ластовица из ...

Знакомства - Город.томск.ру - Gorod.tomsk.ru

Была на сайте 594 недели назад. Funeral Была на сайте 594 недели назад. donna. Был(а) на сайте 594 недели назад. DolphinFree. Была на сайте 594 ...

Классический UPS пистолет оружие Мини пистолет Модель ...

Классический UPS пистолет оружие Мини пистолет Модель металлический ... Cute Cartoon Keychain Chiave Portachiavi Ad Anello Regalo Per Le Donne ...

Спиральная динамика на практике. Модель развития личности ...

23 янв. 2019 г. - Модель развития личности, организации и человечества Дона Бека : бесплатно в любом формате (fb2, txt, epub, pdf, rtf) без ...

Донна Олимпия — хозяйка Рима | Эльвира - русский гид по Вероне ...

15 дек. 2018 г. - После избрания Папы Донна Олимпия собственноручно открыла ... В начале 1647 года Камилло отказался от сана Кардинала и ...Не найдено: модельУгловой диван STELLA Sits . Купить в интернет магазине ...scanddyy.ru › Мебель для всей семьи › StellaСохраненная копияКод: S1647. Модель: STELLA. Коллекция: Home & Family. Цвет: молочный. Материал: ткань. Чехол: несъемный чехол. Комфорт: люкс. Габариты: ...


Невидимые швы позволяю носить модель под любую одежду. В комплекте ... Коллекция "Donna White Collection" Марка: Sielei; Материал: полиамид - 82%, эластан - 18% ..... 60, Гладкие трусы №1647 бразилианаарт. Т1647

Платье Donna от Julija - Свадьба В Самаре svadbavsamare.ru

Свадебное платье Donna, Julija, коллекция Valensiya — здесь вы можете найти предложения от всех салонов Самары и выбрать подходящее.

Купить женские серебряные солнцезащитные очки - модные ...

Купить женские серебряные солнцезащитные очки - модные модели солнцезащитных очков. Женская мода › Солнцезащитные очки › Серебряные ...

Водолазки gotha gotha, возраст: взрослый, пол: женский, в yoox ...

Большой каталог товаров: Водолазки gotha gotha, возраст: взрослый, пол: ... Товары из категории водолазки gotha ..... EFFETTO DONNA Водолазки.

Торшер Moooi Horse Lamp - Banglight

Модель. Более чем примечательная и необычная репродукция светильника от бренда, ... Jacco Maris Ode 1647 Chandelier ... Bella Donna Bertoldini ...

Купить Trussardi Delicate Rose — цены и отзывы о "Труссарди ...

Образ нежной и чувственной красавицы в рекламной кампании коллекции Труссарди Деликат Роуз достался утонченной модели Ане Рубик. Она стала ...

Магнит «Ростов-на-Дону. Казакам Тихого Дона» (712853) - Купить ...

Купить Магнит «Ростов-на-Дону. Казакам Тихого Дона» арт. 712853, по оптовой цене от производителя. Бесплатная консультация - +7 800 234 1000, ...

FINE Paris Водолазки Женщинам CL000022291849 купить за ...

Купить FINE Paris Водолазки Женщинам CL000022291849 за 2400р в интернет магазине c бесплатной ... EFFETTO DONNA Водолазки Женщинам.

Бра – Твой Дом

... Бра Cristal Export D-D501B GD Бра Cristal Export черный D-D8225W/33 SB Бра Eglo Mestre 86716 Бра Eglo 88479 Eg Бра Cristal Export Bl-1647/1 Gd Ox ...

Lit De France | Корнель Пьер

Член Французской Академии (1647). .... Образы дона Санчо и Никомеда повлияли на драматургию В. Гюго («Эрнани», ... В "Сиде" и "Горации" наиболее ярко выступили черты персональной модели литературного творчества, ...

Королевские дома мира : LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн ...

8 янв. 2018 г. - Наследная принцесса Сара сама ненадолго стала моделью, ...... Елизавета Юлиана Нассау-Зигенская (1620-1665) - 1647 (27 лет) 32. ... Елизавета Шарлотта Дона-Карвинденская (1625-1691) - 1643 (18 лет) 40.

Новости Фаберлик - Результаты из #10 - Почему Faberlic?

9 янв. 2018 г. - Donna Felice (3095) – парфюмерная вода 50 мл + гель для душа. ... Детская присыпка с аллантоином (1647) впитывает излишки влаги, ... силуэты и добавил в каждую модель частицу своего фирменного стиля.

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven — Game over? — Статьи — Игромания

В избранное. 10. 1647. 09.06.2008 05:21 | Станислав Ломакин ... чувством вины — сюжетец для сотни-другой фильмов про Аль Капоне или Дона Корлеоне, но на игре ... Бенчмарк назвал модель процессора Samsung Galaxy Fold. 0.

Абердиншир (Aberdeenshire). Графства Великобритании ...

... в междуречье Ди и Дона, здесь находится город Абердин), Формартин, ... Одной из трагических страниц в истории графства стал 1647 год: чума, ...

Mimosa 539509 1647 poseidon-shop.ru

Сервиз чайный 15 предметов La Rose des Sables Mimosa (539509 1647) .... по Москве и всей России. Сервизы 1329 моделей — каталог от интернет-магазинов с фото, ценами и скидками. ..... Сковорода d 22 см Gipfel Donna (1647).

КоммерсантЪ 150-2014

No1647; 152) Компьютер Pentium 4 (Монитор Samsung 152VTFT), инв. No1616 ..... ООО «Горьковская машинно-технологическая станция - Верховье Дона» .... регистрационный номер T508MY33, год изготовления: 2008, модель, No ...

Рейтинг с комментариями. Часть 6 - Эпизоды космонавтики

1647 — Ян Гевелий. «Селенография» (Польша) ...... (если хорошо учился) знает, почему правый берег у Волги и Дона крутой, а левый — пологий. ...... им планисферы — модели, с помощью которых можно было проследить за ...

Филипп IV Испанский, его жёны и дети (биографии и портреты) - Форум

Занесенная в 1647 году в Валенсию чума косила население портового города и начала .... На сей раз он воплотился в фигуре дона Гаспара де Гусмана, ...... португальскую модели того времени — прибегло к системе интенданст.

Босоножки женские Donna Ricco комфорт, натуральная кожа, цвет ...

Модель Donna Ricco обладает собственным, определенным характером и .... средней танкетке из натуральной кожи молочного цвета молния Код 1647.

Gipfel Donna 1647 – купить сотейник, сравнение цен интернет ...

Сотейник Gipfel Donna 1647 ✓ Купить по лучшей цене ✓ Описание, фото, ... Каталог Gipfel 2019 - новинки, хиты продаж и самые актуальные модели ...

Биография Донна Рид - Peoples.RU

26 дек. 2008 г. - В 1941 году Донна Рид дебютировала в кино. Поначалу ей предлагали небольшие эпизодические роли, на которые казалось бы мало ...Не найдено: модельЛучших изображений доски «Вязание»: 1647 | Yarns, Knit jacket и ...https://www.pinterest.ru/rezvovaelena9013/вязание/Brunello Cucinelli джемпер в полоску Модель Топа, Одежда Брунелло Кучинелли, ..... Really charming blue and white fairisle sweater-Donna Smith Designs: ...

Славное начало - рождение российского военно-морского флота

... и Индигирки. В 1647 году коч казачьего десятника Василия Бугры прошел ... для продукции Северной России, в руках шведов, так же как устьев Дона, ...

Диссертация на тему «Естественная и антропогенная эволюция ...

Геннадиев А.Н. Пространственно-временные модели развития почв // Эволюция и ... исследования загадочного памятника древней истории в излучине Дона ..... и к Белгороду (от Обояни) и в Донецких вершинах // РГАДА, 1647.

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Effetto Donna - Parrucchiere Estetica - Contatti

Effetto donna da 27 anni si prende cura della tua bellezza e del benessere del tuo corpo. Il continuo aggiornamento ci permette di essere all'avenguardia nell' ...

Сунержа «Центурион» 1000х400: от 1647,03 руб ... - Domodel.by

от 1647,03 руб. Выбрать продавца (1) ... www.donna.by. скидка на установку до 50% ... условия доставки. Другие модели производителя Сунержа:.

Rozetka.ua | Сковорода Gipfel Edda 20 см 0747. Цена, купить ...

Сравнить все модели. Покупатели, которые ... Модель дополнена несъемной ручкой из нержавеющей стали. .... Сковорода Gipfel Donna 22 см 1647.

Сотейник BAMBOO 24х7см Gipfel 2572 - характеристики, фото ...

Модель BAMBOO Gipfel 2572 изготовлена из кованого алюминия кремового цвета. Диаметр сотейника – 24 см, высота стенок – 7 см. Подходит для ...

Сковорода d 22 см Gipfel Donna 1647 купить в Норильске

Сковорода d 22 см Gipfel Donna 1647 купить в Норильске по выгодной цене на norilsk.vash-gsm.ru.

Казачьи фамилии: чем они отличаются от русских — Рамблер ...

7 мая 2018 г. - Например, из двухсот с лишним фамилий списка «черкасов» от 1647 года нет и ... преобладание в них моделей, типичных для данного ареала. ... (посольств с Дона в Москву), в которых мы не встретим фамилий.

Женская домашняя одежда Emmi недорого купить в интернет ...

EMMI — российский бренд стильной одежды для дома и отдыха. Широкий ассортимент женского предпостельного белья: халаты женские, туники и ...

Журнал История: факты и символы » Аннотации статей выпуска

Красивая Меча (правый приток Дона). ..... Добром и Добровском уезде, который был образован в 1647 г. и вошел состав Белгородской засечной черты. ..... В соответствии с моделью поведения джентри в ходе длительного ...

Купить 1647 в интернет магазинах Москвы

Сковорода d 22 см Gipfel Donna (1647) ... Mantra Бра Mantra Mara Chrome - White 1647 ... Модель вертолета Siku модель вертолета (1-87) 1647.

После землетрясения — Такие Дела

26 сент. 2017 г. - И тут начинается землетрясение — самое настоящее землетрясения 1647 года, ... С ними идет Фернандо, сестра его жены донна Констанца, ... «Восемь моделей анализа текста на примере «Землетрясения в ...

Чем казачьи фамилии отличаются от обычных русских | Русская ...

28 июн. 2017 г. - Например, из двухсот с лишним фамилий списка «черкасов» от 1647 года нет и ... преобладание в них моделей, типичных для данного ареала. ... (посольств с Дона в Москву), в которых мы не встретим фамилий.

Скатерть «Донна 2», диаметр 145 см, шампань (4149569) - Купить ...

Купить Скатерть «Донна 2», диаметр 145 см, шампань арт. 4149569, по оптовой цене от производителя. Бесплатная консультация - +7 800 234 1000, ...

Орг. 5% Женственная и стильная одежда для изысканных и ...

Поэтому прошу сразу указывать возможную замену по цвету или модели. Если замена не .... Лосины DONNA LSN-125E (коричневые). 598 руб. .... Кофта "Belinda" пудровый KF-1647B. 647 руб. Кофта "Belinda" пудровый KF-1647B.

Крымские выходцы в России: служба и правовой статус – тема ...

... для успешного встраивания в имеющуюся модель служилого населения и ... с попыткой донских казаков установить контроль над устьем Дона [25]. ... Решившего креститься мирзу 28 февраля 1647 г. отправили под начало в ...

Сковорода GIPFEL 1647 DONNA 22х7см - Gipfel

Маленькая глубокая сковорода Сковорода GIPFEL 1647 DONNA 22х7см купить в Москве в интернет-магазине России Украины Казахстана.

Обувь и аксессуары Donna Rosalia - купить недорого с доставкой ...

Материал подкл.. 1647 грн. 988 грн. В корзину Быстрый просмотр. Быстрый просмотр. -40%. Ботинки кожаные Donna Rosalia Быстрый просмотр.

Сковорода из нержавеющей стали Gipfel. Купить сковороды ...

1647 GIPFEL Сковорода DONNA 22х7 см ... 1648 GIPFEL Сковорода DONNA 24х7 см ... Еще лучше приобрести сразу несколько разных моделей.

(PDF) Юг России и Украина в прошлом и настоящем: история ...

ПОСТРОЕНИЕ ПАЛЕОЭКОНОМИЧЕСКИХ МОДЕЛЕЙ РАЗВИТИЯ ХОРЫ ГОРОДОВ ...... Изученные 12 объектов, расположенных в верховьях Дона, Оскола, ...... данного предприятия – «изыскать учиненную во 155 году (1647 г.

Катера Дона - Гребные винты (Propellers)

1647. Нет в наличии. Лопасти гребного винта Hustler (диаметр 13 1/4 х шаг 23), предназначенные для установки на втулку модели 11500700 / #507. руб.

Поиск - 227 страница - ПЛАНЕТА ОБУВИ

Серые полусапожки Moda Donna 1647-307-2 сер замш мех. Серые полусапожки ... Синие ботинки Moda Donna 1649-151 син замш бай. Синие осенние ...

Исследование влияния физических свойств ... - eLIBRARY

ИНЖЕНЕРНЫЙ ВЕСТНИК ДОНА .... в вагоне, м Для расчетов возьмем полувагон модели 12-127, грузоподъемностью 70 т, L внут., = 12700 мм, B внут. ... т плотность (?), т/м 3 2 1,6 67,25 3 1,61 67,67 4 1,63 68,51 5 1,647 69,22 6 1,66 ...

Подвесная люстра Дижон CL429131 Citilux (Италия) | купить ...

Много на складе; Код товара119-1647; АртикулCL429131; Фабрика .... С помощью этой модели вы сможете осветить площадь размером до 11 кв.м.

Капиталка Duratec-HE 2.0 light-версия. Часть 1. Запчасти - Drive2

3) Вкладыши шатунные Mazda LFY1-11-SC0A — 1647 р. ... Добрый день не подскажешь модель мотора на которую делал капиталку? ... Добрый день, вопрос, а каков пробег машинки дона момент ремонта ДВС и переводили-ли ...

Сковорода d 22 см Gipfel Donna 1647 - rialenta.ru

Сковорода d 22 см Gipfel Donna 1647 по выгодной цене на rialenta.ru.

Потомки Тагаура - yerkramas.org

11 июн. 2009 г. - ... линии и Черномории издал распоряжение (№ 1647 от 13 декабря 1847 года), ... переселились в ущелье Гизель-дона, основали там аул Даргавс, а потом .... Уберите детей от экранов: Модель поделилась самым ...

Effetto Donna интернет-магазин на Shopsy - Shopsy.ru

Более 3 товаров в каталоге Effetto Donna с доставкой по России. ❤ Купить лучшие предложения от ... Effetto Donna Водолазка шерстяная трикотажный.

Донские казачьи фамилии :: Ономастика (антропонимы, топонимы и пр ...

6 февр. 2007 г. - Так, суффикс -ов дал не менее 15 распространенных моделей: ... Местные и общерусские названия представителей фауны Дона ...... Отписки козловского воеводы Бобарыкина о степных вестях в Москву, 1647 г.

Effetto Donna для Женщин - YOOX Россия

Покупай Effetto Donna для Женщин онлайн на YOOX. Открой ... EFFETTO DONNA - Водолазка Предпросмотр. EFFETTO DONNA. Водолазки. 8 750 руб 6 ...

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Victoria George St. Frank McKinneys Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success. How You can Go From a $50,000 Fixer-Upper $100 Million Mansion

Praise for Frank McKinney «My neighbor, Frank McKinney, is certainly a maverick and a spiritually grounded young man. The oceanfront homes he builds here in Florida are magnificent and unique. More important, Franks life and the contributions he makes to his community and the world illustrate how a successful businessman can do well while doing good. The principles in Frank McKinneys Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success represent a road map of his achievements–a proven strategy for succeeding not just in real estate, but also in the business of life.» –Rich DeVos, cofounder of Amway, owner of the Orlando Magic «If youre ready to make big profits in real estate, then read, absorb, and use the brilliance of Frank McKinney.» –Mark Victor Hansen, coauthor of The One Minute Millionaire «Frank McKinneys book is an excellent how-to guide to earning real estate profits by using McKinneys maverick formulas to find undervalued real estate with profit potential. McKinney is different. This isnt another how-to-get-rich-in-real-estate book. Instead, it is the lively success story of a real estate maverick. McKinney reveals his simple strategies, with intriguing personal profit examples that explain how his repeatable techniques work over and over.» –Robert J. Bruss, syndicated real estate columnist «If Hollywood were casting the role of a maverick who started with very little and went from a $50,000 fixer-upper to a $100 million mansion, they would choose Frank McKinney. Frank McKinneys Maverick Approach to Real Estate Success represents his approach to life. He decided to apply that approach to real estate and look what happened!» –Kendra Todd, winner of The Apprentice

1749.34 РУБ



Kenneth Rosen D. Investing in Income Properties. The Big Six Formula for Achieving Wealth Real Estate

Create income property wealth If you think tycoons are the only ones who can make big money in commercial real estate, think again. In Investing in Income Properties: The Big Six Formula for Achieving Wealth in Real Estate, real estate guru Ken Rosen lays out the fundamentals for building real estate wealth. By adhering to the Big Six, a step-by-step formula that has enabled the author to buy and sell over $500 million in investment real estate since 1975, you can take advantage of real estate opportunities and ensure your financial future. This book explains: What is the BIG SIX formula How to find the right property Using your IRA to invest The romance of leverage Overcoming fear Real estate vs. stocks Getting the money Assembling the team How to convert rentals to condos Infinite returns Types of income properties Upside You make your money in buying Financing options T.N.T When it comes to understanding real estate investment, Investing in Income Properties stands alone for its straightforward approach and easy-to-understand explanations. It is a must-read for both beginners and seasoned pros.

2647.21 РУБ



Tyler Hicks G. How to Acquire $1-million in Income Real Estate One Year Using Borrowed Money Your Free Time

This book shows beginning and experienced real estate investors how, and where, to acquire one million dollars in real estate in one year using borrowed money. Author and real estate expert Tyler Hicks starts with the reasons why real estate is the worlds best borrowed-money business, then discusses hands-on ways for any investor to: Choose the type of property to invest in Pick one of 49 mortgages that can finance the property Find loans on the Internet to finance property acquisition Deal with, and obtain funding from, private lenders Use self-starter methods to get the money needed to buy income real estate Get financing even with bad credit/no credit on the investors record Tap into little-known sources of real estate financing for both beginners and experienced wealth builders Use 100% financing (zero-down) methods to acquire real estate Build wealth almost anywhere with property appreciation Put wraparound mortgages to work to acquire desirable properties Numerous real-life examples of people who have used this system successfully in their spare time are included. To further assist readers in acquiring the income real estate they seek, dozens of sources of funding are included.

2063.43 РУБ



William Nickerson How I Turned .1,000 into a Million in Real Estate My Spare Time

Probably the most famous book ever written on making money in real estate.William Nickerson and his book HOW I TURNED $1,000 INTO ONE MILLION IN REAL ESTATE IN MY SPARE TIME has probably created more millionaires than any other book in investing history.It simply is a masterpiece of common sense advice.

1377 РУБ




The is the first book to ever describe the reality of real estate in Canada. It shows you how to purchase and sell real estate and also shows you alternatives that work very well. This is complex subject and the Author's sense of humor helps describe it in ways that are easy to understand and fun to read.

3177 РУБ



Dr. Doc Howard Haller Commercial Real Estate, Demystified. How to PROFIT From Cash-Flowing Estate

This book, Commercial Real Estate, Demystified-How to PROFIT From Cash-Flowing Commercial Real Estate, is written for people like you, who are curious about commercial real estate and how commercial real estate owners make money. It’s for those who are intrigued about commercial real estate but who are a bit apprehensive because of their lack of knowledge about what commercial real estate is and how it works and what’s involved.You owe it to yourself to follow your dreams. I'll see you on the inside. ~Doc Haller

1852 РУБ



Steve Bergsman Passport to Exotic Real Estate. Buying U.S. And Foreign Property In Breath-Taking, Beautiful, Faraway Lands

An exploration of acquiring real estate outside the continental U.S. Given the costly uncertainties of the domestic real estate market, buying a second home in desirable vacation areas within the United States has become nearly impossible for many. Increasingly, Americans are turning to more affordable regions overseas, some stay close-by in Mexico or Canada, while others are more adventurous, looking to parts of Central America, the Caribbean, and Pacific Islands. In Passport to Exotic Real Estate, real estate expert and travel writer Steve Bergsman offers detailed advice on the benefits and challenges of buying overseas property, including whether or not foreigners can legally own property, tax implications, availability of beachfront land, market trends, investment security, local regulations, and much more. With this book as their guide, readers will be fully prepared to overcome the obstacles of overseas property ownership and discover the benefits of living/vacationing abroad. Steve Bergsman (Mesa, Arizona) is a real estate, financial, and travel writer with more than 20 years experience. His news stories and travel articles have been published in more than 100 publications around the world and he has appeared on local and national radio and television. Bergsman is also the author of two previous real estate books, Maverick Real Estate Financing (978-0-471-74587-7) and Maverick Real Estate Investing (978-0-471-46879-0).

1983.91 РУБ



Brian Icenhower Farm. The Real Estate A Ultimate Guide to Farming Neighborhoods

Learn the strategies and methods top producing real estate agents use to successfully farm neighborhoods to become the community real estate expert of choice. Learn the systems that real estate coach Brian Icenhower implements with many of the top producing agents in the world to create steady and predictable sources of commission income from targeted geographic communities. Get the business generation strategies, techniques, scripts and tools to build your real estate geographic farming business from the ground up.

2364 РУБ



Gary Grabel Wealth Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate. Management, Financing and Marketing of Investment Properties

ESSENTIAL COVERGAGE OF THE COMMERICAL REAL ESTATE MARKET AND HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU The one-stop guide to making money from buying, managing, and owning commercial real estate, Wealth Opportunities in commercial real Estate is the comprehensive resource you need in order to take full advantage of the market, whether youre just starting out or an old hand. Including industry case studies and expert advice from real estate expert Gary Grabel, the book teaches you the fundamentals-including how to evaluate a potential property and how to create value even before you buy-that other books leave out. Commercial real estate investing is an excellent, and highly profitable, investment choice for those with the right perspective and the patience to see their decision through. But to really succeed, it is essential to have a firm grasp of the basics of the real estate game before you get started. if you think youre ready, then this book is your first step.

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Matthias Fiedler Gagasan pancocogan real estate inovatif. Pagawean sedherhana agen estate: Pancocogan Bisnis broker sing efisien, sedherhana, lan profesional liwat portal kang inovatif

Buku iki njelasake konsep revolusioner portal pancocogan real estate sak ndunya (app - aplikasi) nganggo pangitungan potensi turnover sing bisa dipertimbangake (miliar Euro), sing digabungake ing sajrone prangkat lunak broker real estate kalebu penilaian real estate (triliun potensi turnover Euro).Iki artine real estate perumahan lan komersial, digunakake utawa disewakake, bisa disampekake kanthi efisien lan hemat wektu. Cara iki dadi masa depane agen real estate inovatif lan profesional kanggo kabeh broker real estate lan pihak kang nduweni properti. Karya pancocogan real estate iki cocog kanggo kabeh negara lan malah lintas negara.Tinimbang „nggowo“ properti menyang pihak kang tuku utawa kang nyewa, kasenengan real estate dikualifikasi (profil panggolekan) ing portal pancocogan real estate lan disambungake karo properti broker real estate.

602 РУБ



Douglas Gray Making Money in Real Estate. The Essential Canadian Guide to Investing Residential Property

Successful real estate investments play an essential role in Canadian investors portfolios. The growth in wealth in real estate markets has presented investors with tremendous opportunities to capitalize on and expand their range of investments, and has moved real estate investing from a niche product to a pillar of smart portfolio diversification. In Making Money in Real Estate, 2nd Edition, Douglas Gray demystifies the Canadian real estate market for novice investors and presents new strategies for veteran investors. Learn to: Understand the real estate market cycles Find a property and assess its investment potential Build a trustworthy real estate team Arrange financing on good terms Use negotiating tactics that work Understand tax and legal issues Manage a property Avoid the pitfalls that many investors fall into Examine the pros and cons of non-residential property investment options Readers of previous editions will appreciate the vital changes to mortgage rules, taxation and legislation, and the inclusion of information on commercial real estate. Thorough coverage in plain English makes Making Money in Real Estate, 2nd Edition the next logical step for investors who want to begin or expand their real estate portfolios, and is a critical and indispensable tool in investment decision making.

2981.84 РУБ



Tim Wang Emerging Market Real Estate Investment. Investing in China, India, and Brazil

Emerging markets in real estate investing have been an increasing focus for institutional real estate investors worldwide. Part of the Fabozzi series, this book is an insightful overview of international real estate focusing on three of the BRICs: China, India, and Brazil. The authors provide a framework for thinking about these dynamic markets characterized by youthful populations, extraordinary demand, capital inefficiency, and aspiration. Also discussed are the sociopolitical issues, policy, and entry/exit strategies. Notably, the book makes a sanguine assessment of the risks and opportunities of alternative strategies in each country.

3975.78 РУБ



Don Campbell R. Real Estate Investing in Canada. Creating Wealth with the ACRE System

FREE PROPERTY ANALYZER CD INSIDE Canadians in greater numbers than ever before are turning to real estate to build wealth. The Authentic Canadian Real Estate (ACRE) system is the first of its kind to show average Canadians how to profit from investing in residential real estate. In Real Estate Investing in Canada, you will discover how to cut through the hype and emotion of any real estate market and accurately assess the inherent risks and rewards. Whether you are buying your first property or your 100th, this book provides new-found tools, strategies and condence to help you achieve your investment goals. WHAT CANADIAN INVESTORS SAY ABOUT REAL ESTATE INVESTING IN CANADA AND DON R. CAMPBELL: «This is a great book. The information in just one of the chapters alone saved me over $28,000.» Michael Millenaar «Full of practical Canadian content and presented in an organized and respectful system. It directly addresses how to get the money and financing you need to purchase real estate and achieve your goals.» Tamara MacLaren «One of Don Campbells great gifts is his near-genius ability to take something that appears complex and break it down into a simple step-by-step system that anyone can follow. I am convinced that everyone will thoroughly enjoy, and more important, benefit financially, by reading this book.» Russell Westcott «The power of Real Estate Investing in Canada lies in the super simple, market-proven system that it offers you. It makes real estate dreams possible for any Canadian. If you are serious about learning the truth, cutting through the hype and being successful, this is your real estate bible!» Valden Palm, MisterRRSP.com The markets across the country are continually shifting and you must keep on top of the latest information. So, as a bonus, every registered reader of Real Estate Investing in Canada will have proprietary access to critical forms and ongoing market research at www.realestateinvestingincanada.com.

3578.2 РУБ



Geoffrey Gibson The Real Estate Primer. Golden Rules of Buying and Selling

You would not set out to climb Everest without the right training and equipment. Same with real estate, do not even start unless you know what you are doing. This book can be your guide, it is the result of thirty years in a very competitive real estate market. Let the author walk you through the marketplace in this easy step-by-step guide. This will help you achieve your real estate goals and save your hard earned money. Learn how to:Set up your search.Assess value.Understand the golden rule of real estate.Overcome the hurdle of price.Read the real estate market.Negotiate to buy or sell.Auctions. Successfully invest. Geoffrey Gibson spent thirty years in the highly competitive real estate market of Sydney's Lower North Shore. He has sold some of Sydney's finest homes, and was also known for his marketing of the area's commercial, retail and industrial property. Learn more at www.GeoffreyGibson.com Business & Economics : Real Estate - Buying & Selling Homes

777 РУБ




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